Vagrant で the "vboxsf" file system is not available

yum update したら、

Failed to mount folders in Linux guest. This is usually because
the "vboxsf" file system is not available. Please verify that
the guest additions are properly installed in the guest and
can work properly. The command attempted was:

mount -t vboxsf -o uid=`id -u vagrant`,gid=`getent group vagrant | cut -d: -f3` vagrant /vagrant
mount -t vboxsf -o uid=`id -u vagrant`,gid=`id -g vagrant` vagrant /vagrant

VirtualBox の共有フォルダがマウントできてなくて
Vagrant でエラーになってるっぽい。


[root@localhost init.d]# /etc/init.d/vboxadd restart
Stopping VirtualBox Additions                              [失敗]
(Cannot unload module vboxguest)


setup っていうコマンドがあるっぽいので、

[root@localhost ~]# /etc/init.d/vboxadd setup
Removing existing VirtualBox non-DKMS kernel modules       [  OK  ]
Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules
Building the main Guest Additions module                   [  OK  ]
Building the shared folder support module                  [  OK  ]
Building the OpenGL support module                         [失敗]
(Look at /var/log/vboxadd-install.log to find out what went wrong)
Doing non-kernel setup of the Guest Additions              [  OK  ]

Vagrant を reload したら正常に動作しました。